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What our Clients are Saying

Explore the stories and experiences of our satisfied clients as they share their journey to improved communication and confidence through our speech language therapy services.

Julie B. Tesimonial

Julie B.

Hingham, MA

“We have had the pleasure of working with Melissa the past few years.  She is truly dedicated, compassionate and highly skilled in her field.  Melissa has been monumental in assisting our son with the development and progression of his speech, language and overall communication.  Not only has she greatly helped our son, but she has also provided us the feedback and strategies to assist with his ongoing progression.  She has provided our family with a true gift and we cannot recommend her enough!!!”

Kay L. Testimonial

Kay L.

Cohasset, MA

"Melissa was a joy to work with and my son had no issues with the evaluation process.  The report she provided was so insightful and made the school realize the severity of my son’s disabilities. The report was an invaluable tool to get my son the services that he so desperately needed. We were fortunate to locate her name on the Dyslexia website for resources.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for evaluation or services.  She took the time to review all my son’s prior assessments and came up with what assessments would be best to determine his current level and abilities.  She provided recommendations to move forward and attended the IEP meeting to discuss her results and was a valuable team member in getting his IEP developed to address all his needs."

Caitlin M Testimonial

Caitlin M.

Hingham, MA

"Melissa has had a tremendous impact not only on our son, but on our entire family. We knew that our son had a language delay, but we had trouble identifying the specific areas of difficulty. Melissa helped us to understand exactly what his challenges were, and how we could best support him at home. She helped him to make tremendous progress, while making each session fun and enjoyable. Our son has anxiety and it was tricky to find someone that was a good fit. We had tried seeking speech and language support at other places, but ended up spending weeks, and sometimes months warming up the interventionists. As we all know, time is of the essence, so we were thrilled when he immediately took to Melissa. She used a play based model, which worked wonders because our son didn’t even realize he was doing anything other than playing. We all genuinely looked forward to each session.  Our son made so much progress very quickly, and we were thrilled that Melissa continually met him where he was at, always working on the specific skills he needed. As  his language developed and he needed more emphasis on expanding his pretend play and social skills, she immediately updated his goals so that he was appropriately challenged. Other places forced us to wait a certain amount of weeks before updating his goals, which again, wasted time. Melissa is an extremely talented SLP, as well as a kind and compassionate person. Any family would be lucky to work with her!"

Carol Dinnes Testimonial

Carol Dinnes


Speech Language Pathologist

Former Clinical Supervisor MGH Revere and Chelsea Healthcare Centers

"Melissa is a passionate, dedicated speech-language pathologist and reading specialist.  As a former MGH supervisor of many years, I can attest personally to Melissa’s outstanding clinical/observational skills and decision-making.  I can also attest to Melissa’s broad, evidence-based experience treating a wide range of communication and learning problems for children, adults and their families.  Even now, Melissa tailors services seamlessly to individual needs in her MGH Reading for Meaning group sessions.  Melissa’s reputation for excellence is most obvious in fun weekly sessions that keep children (and adults) engaged, promote tremendous growth and confidence in communication, reading and writing abilities."

Michele N. Testimonial

Michelle N.

Winchester, MA

"If you have Melissa on your team, your child will benefit greatly.  She has an in-depth understanding of language based disabilities. During the time she helped my daughter, she was insightful, focused, organized, had a plan, was kind and helped me understand my child’s struggles much better.


A real gift she gave me was suggesting a particular school that would address my daughter’s needs.  We applied and was accepted at this school.  My daughter who never had free time because of her learning disability  got her childhood back. Thank you Melissa!!!"

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