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Guiding Growth
Steering Success

Welcome to Harbor Education Strategies, where individuals of various age groups are provided resources to cultivate the abilities necessary for their growth and success. 



Our comprehensive evaluation process combines formal assessments and informal methods to identify your child’s language and learning profile allowing us to create a tailored plan that maximizes your child's potential in both academic and social contexts.


Our consultative services strive to interpret your child's linguistic and academic profile to determine the most effective and efficient next steps in fostering growth.


Our therapy approach is comprehensive and individualized, drawing from evidence-based methods and collaboration with families and support professionals.

About Harbor Education Strategies

Harbor Education Strategies is committed to delivering comprehensive, individualized evaluations and intervention plans tailored to children experiencing speech, language, literacy and academic challenges. Our expertise lies in serving children from their early years through young adulthood using the most current, research supported methodologies in our evaluation and intervention approaches.  In collaboration with families, caregivers, healthcare experts, and school team members we work to support students in achieving their maximum potential.  Harbor Education Strategies proudly provides in-person services to clients on the South Shore of Massachusetts and teletherapy services to those who live in nearby communities outside of our immediate service area.


Types of Evaluations Offered

Pediatric Spoken Language

Evaluation of expressive, receptive, pragmatic (social) and supralinguistic language skills.

Spoken & Written Language

Evaluation of spoken language, phonological processing, memory, reading, writing, and executive functioning. Consideration of IQ testing when available.


Evaluation of speech sound production to identify errors and tailor personalized treatment plans.

Speech Fluency

Evaluation to assess rate of speech, speech prosody and speech fluency.

Evaluation follow-up for all assessments comprises verbal feedback on the evaluation day and the delivery of an extensive written report to your residence. This written report will encompass diagnoses, impressions, recommendations, and an individually tailored treatment plan.  In addition, a parent meeting will be scheduled for in-depth discussion of results and recommendations.



Discover Inspiring Success Stories from Our Clients


"Melissa has had a tremendous impact not only on our son, but on our entire family. We knew that our son had a language delay, but we had trouble identifying the specific areas of difficulty. Melissa helped us to understand exactly what his challenges were, and how we could best support him at home. She helped him to make tremendous progress, while making each session fun and enjoyable. Our son has anxiety and it was tricky to find someone that was a good fit. We had tried seeking speech and language support at other places, but ended up spending weeks, and sometimes months warming up the interventionists. As we all know, time is of the essence, so we were thrilled when he immediately took to Melissa..."

Caitlin M. | Hingham, MA

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